Vanessa Prigollini

What do you do at PSS and how long have you been here?  I teach Marine and Wildlife Education, provide Social-Emotional Support, coordinate the Remote Learning Program and work as a Classroom Assistant.  I have been at PSS since 2019.

What initially attracted you to work at PSS and what do you value about working here now?  The connection with the two people who interviewed me: Joanna and Heidi. I immediately knew this was the place to be. We shared very similar values and ideas regarding education and child development. What I value the most is that it brings the best out of me and that Heidi has this amazing super power of challenging me constantly with new projects to do at school and this keeps me super motivated.

What’s something you’ve learned teaching or working here?  Mainly about kid culture in Canada. After 15 years of working with children in Mexico, coming here to teach has been very enriching as I have learned lots of very different things.

Which educator has influenced you the most in your life, and how?  A Biology teacher who kept saying “kids, there´s a whole world out there apart from this one that you know. And it has elephants, bears, whales and so much more! So please, go out an explore it.”  I have always had the explorer gene, but his words keep appearing in my head after all these years and I have followed his advice.

What do you look forward to in your role here each year?  The element of surprise!  Each school year to me here has been so different from any other. But also to be able to keep combining my two passions: emotional education and marine education!

If you could bring anyone back to life and have dinner with them, who would it be? Dian Fossey.

What’s one item on your bucket list?  So hard to choose one because I have so many, but… to go to Africa and do a short film about gorillas.

What educational background, or ongoing professional development, do you draw upon in your work at PSS?  Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Bachelor Degree in Education, Diploma in Play Psychotherapy, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Theraphy, Social Emotional Intelligence Specialty, Resilience in Adolescents and Adults Certificate, Emotional Education in Families Certificate, Rainbow Yoga Teacher, Scuba Dive Master, Underwater Photography Certification, amongst others.