Kienan Burrage

What do you do at PSS and how long have you been here?  I started at PSS in September 2021 and work with the grade 8 and 9 classes. I teach English, Drama, and Physical Health Education.

Tell us a little about yourself:  I’m Kienan! I have unique struggles: the soles of my left shoe frequently fall off for no apparent reason, I am allergic to sunburns, and can’t eat carrots because they get stuck up my nose. I try not to let these adversities define me. I also consume obscene amounts of coffee, sleep outside as much as possible, and passionately believe every dog is a good dog.

What initially attracted you to work at PSS and what do you value about working here now?  I was initially attracted to the holistic and relational approach to education at PSS. When visiting PSS, one of the most inspiring things I witnessed was that every student seemed excited and happy to be there, which is quite rare in my experience. There is such a kind and caring atmosphere and a real sense of community. I couldn’t wait to become a part of that!

What do you look forward to in your role here each year?  I look forward to connecting and building relationships with the students and helping them explore and learn about the things that inspire them!

If you could bring anyone back to life and have dinner with them, who would it be?  J.R.R. Tolkien or anyone from before the year 1500 so I could give them some Sweet Chili Heat Doritos and see the look on their face.

What’s one item on your bucket list?  I would love to publish a novel someday!

What educational background, or ongoing professional development, do you draw upon in your work at PSS?  I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Honours English Language and Literature at UBC with a thesis on medievalism and children’s literature. I have a Bachelor of Education from UBC, focused on secondary education. I have also been involved with wilderness summer camp programs for a number of years.