Grade K-1: Our Sages

Our K-1 class is a supportive and joyful environment where your child will explore and learn through free play as well as structured play. We focus on your child’s social and emotional learning, encouraging their natural curiosity, and we spend lots of time every day right outside our classroom doors in our backyard of rolling grass hills and ancient trees.

Our class is full of natural light and we welcome parents who want to participate in the classroom. Core curriculum is taught in an inviting, child-centered way with an emphasis on making learning fun. Your child’s days will be full of wonder, laughter, experimentation and the well-being that comes from being cherished for their unique spirit.

In addition to covering BC’s curriculum in math, science, reading and writing, your child will learn: empathy, creativity, self-regulation, a love of learning, problem solving, resilience, and that school is fun!

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