Grade 6-7: Our Cedars

Our senior students take on the rewarding and character-building position as mentors and role models in our school. As your child prepares for the transition to high school, you will notice them maturing each day as we help them grow their empathy, resourcefulness and tenacity needed to contribute meaningfully to collaborative project-based work.

We know that this is a time of incredible brain growth for your child, and it is our job to meet their intellectual hunger and rapidly evolving social and emotional needs with a rich educational approach that presents school as a fascinating and fun place for mysteries to be solved, challenges to be met, conversations to be sparked and opportunities to be their true selves. Your child will spend at least 90 minutes playing in the fresh air each day, as well as discovering themselves through arts-based programs.

In addition to covering BC’s curriculum in math, science, French, language arts, and social studies, your child will learn: teamwork, healthy habits and relationships, how to be an initiator and advocate for their own learning, compassion, courage, global citizenship, adaptability, problem solving, creative thinking, and what it means to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Learn more about our grade 6-7 educators here.