Grade 4-5: Our Oaks

Our Grade 4-5 program ignites your child’s sense of purpose and thirst for knowledge, empowering them to learn skills and concepts in “real-time” to tackle the questions they are posing and the problems they want to solve.

This active exploration approach covers the BC curriculum while resulting in deeper understanding, better retention, and the collaboration, independent thinking and problem-solving skills so critically needed in our fast-changing world. Our classroom is large, naturally lit and thoughtfully laid out with cozy nooks for small group work. Your child will spend at least 90 minutes running around and playing in the fresh air each day, as well as having fun and expanding their creativity through arts-based programs.

In addition to covering BC’s curriculum in math, science, French (Grades 5-8), language arts, and social studies, your child will learn: collaboration, resilience, learning how to learn, discernment, responsibility, leadership, public speaking, environmental stewardship and empathy.

Learn more about our grade 4-5 educators here.