Grade 2-3: Our Maples

Our Grade 2-3 program continues to deepen your child’s social and emotional learning, with increasing opportunities for your child to pursue their natural curiosity with engaging project and inquiry-based curriculum.

Play-based learning remains a core teaching approach in this age group as your child acquires new skills and concepts in fun ways through structured games and free play. Moments of mindfulness and meditation, as well as quiet time and story time, bring a grounded energy into each day. Children also need to get out their “wiggles,” and frequent outdoor play gives them a chance to digest what they just learned and run around in the fresh air. Our class is full of natural light and we welcome parents who want to participate in the classroom. Each day, your child will have an opportunity to express their individuality and creativity in arts-based programs.

In addition to covering BC’s curriculum in math, science, language arts, and social studies, your child will learn: responsibility, discipline, a love of learning, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, public speaking and empathy.

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