Schools are full of children – they should be full of joy

We delight in watching students gain active understanding of their thinking processes so they learn how to learn, which will serve them well throughout their lives.

In all our grades, we cover BC’s provincial curriculum in math, science, French, reading and writing while nurturing each child’s social and emotional development, helping them to truly know themselves and to navigate their feelings and social interactions in healthy ways. Our educators work collaboratively, inspire each other and mix their programs and students regularly, which fulfills children’s inherent needs and abilities for nurturance and mentorship.

I like how the school is flexible, how we get lots of choices and we learn through playing games and other fun ways.

Millie, grade 5
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    Grade K-1: Our Sages

    Our K-1 class is a supportive and joyful play-based environment where your child will explore and learn through free play as well as structured play.

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    Grade 2-3: Our Maples

    Our Grade 2-3 program deepens your child’s social and emotional learning, with opportunities for your child to pursue their natural curiosity.

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    Grade 4-5: Our Oaks

    Our Grade 4-5 program ignites your child’s sense of purpose and thirst for knowledge, empowering them to learn skills and concepts in “real-time”.

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    Grade 6-7: Our Cedars

    Our senior students tackle project-based academic curriculum with enthusiasm while they take on the character-building position as role models in our school.