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The younger kids take the stage at the Science Fair to receive their accolades. Kindergarteners at the Mayan Celebration. School Plays: The Gift by the Youngers Sports Day: Words of encouragement for the younger boys

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Student Testimonials

Grade 1 to Grade 5 - Everyone is Happy!

Reid and Ingrid PriceBy Reid Price (former student)

My Name is Reid Price, I was in Pacific Spirit from kindergarten until the end of grade 5. One of the reasons I love Pacific Spirit is the teachers. All of the teachers in Pacific Spirit are wonderful; they all care about every child in the school, for every decision they consider each kid's interests, fears, etc. For example say they want to go to a bugs museum but if 1 child is afraid of spiders then they won't go and they will think of a even better field trip. Another great thing about the teachers is that they teach the kids how to be thoughtful, aware and all around happy. When I first came into this school I insulted people for the smallest things like if some says a idea I don't like I call them stupid. But after one week of being at Pacific Spirit I was much better and now people call me one of the nicest people they've ever met.

One of the big things in this school is Math with Nisha (its pronounced Nee-Sha) she's amazing with math, she somehow knows how to make math easy she make BEDMASS look like 4 + 4 questions. Another big thing is that at the end of each weak everyone in the school and most of the parents sit in a big circle and talk while waiting for the awesome food that is being prepared by a family each week, but before we eat we all hold hands and sing a song help realize that this food is a gift. Heidi is an amazing teacher she is always calm and knows how to calm children and help make everyone feel welcome. She cares so much about every child and she hates it when there are fights and pretty much the percentage of fighting when she is around is about 0.03% Somehow she can just realize the situation of anything going on and just figures out an amazing solution and bang! Everyone is happy!

Something to Experience

By Spencer Heddema (former student)

The true value of Pacific Spirit School is not measured by how many students it has or what the student test scores might be. As one of the many independent schools BC has to offer, Pacific Spirit School is, in my experience, the best.

Upon revisiting the school after having been gone for a few years, I recognized that although it may have had a different name when I attended (Life Song), Pacific Spirit School is still the same warm and inviting place to learn and grow that it always was. It quickly reminded me that the teachers and the students were so supportive of each other and the calm environment helped me to handle more than just a pen and paper.

I cannot imagine what type of person I would be today without the guidance and foundation for a happy life that I got from this school. From the moment I attended it as a child I knew that it was something that I had to experience. From the yearly camping trips, to the weekly visits to the senior's home, I have nothing but good memories of this place.