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Parent Testimonials

Begging to Go Back to School

Basiby Gretchen Quiring and Jeff Miller (current student parents)

Our son Sebastian has begged us to go back to school every summer since he started Pacific Spirit. This is the most compelling testimonial possible for a school! Our family loves the school and the community of friends we've made there.

Learning Styles Support

Madi and Gayle FarrellBy Gayle Farrell (current student parent)

As parents, we are so happy with the personal attention and dedication of the teachers at Pacific Spirit School. Although our child is only in her second year at Pacific Spirit, she is already showing signs of significant improvement that we were unable to attain when she was attending public school.

One of the things we had determined about our daughter was she has a predominantly physical learning style. She learns best when she is in motion - something that is not always easy to accommodate in a classroom. She was very eager and willing to learn but had a hard time doing it when required to sit for 30 - 40 minutes at a time. Also, we were concerned that she had entered public school (Kindergarten) as a gregarious and confidant child who loved math, books, friends and everything about school, but over the course of grades 2 - 3 she had become increasingly withdrawn and shy as she struggled with the academic side of school life.

When we reported this to our daughter's teachers they immediately told us they would find ways to support her, in general, and her learning style, in particular. Her teachers allowed our daughter to have "gadgets" on her desk to "play" with them during the day as she did her math, reading and other subjects. Her teachers incorporated physical activity into the academic subjects for the whole class (e.g. math games involving teams of students in action). They encouraged our daughter when she was frustrated and celebrated with her when she achieved milestones. Our daughter re-engaged in school.

Within weeks of being at Pacific Spirit, we started to see the return of the happy child who had started public school with such excitement and anticipation. Within a few months we started to see improvement in math and reading. She was asking to be able to do Grade 8 spelling (well beyond her capability but an indication of her growing confidence in herself and what she could achieve). She was also finally getting concepts in math that had eluded her in grades 2 and 3. We are very grateful to her teachers who took the time to get to know our daughter, understand her and work with her - not as a Grade 4 student who should be at a certain point in the curriculum but as a person, a Grade 4 student who was struggling for a variety of reasons.

Public School System Struggles

By a current student parent

My daughter was really struggling in the public school system. While her teachers and administrators did the best they could, we felt like our daughter was slipping through the cracks. We transferred to Pacific Spirit near the end of the school year and we've never looked back. Now with a year & a bit at Pacific Spirit under her belt, our daughter has really come into her own. She is more confident and happy now. She likes to go to school and has forged some amazing relationships with her fellow classmates and educators.

Balanced Focus and Developing to Full Potential

By Debbie Nelson (former student parent)

Our three years at PSS were such an amazing experience for our whole family and we feel blessed to have been part of that special community. PSS attracts families who have a genuine care for others and this is evident in the children's behaviour towards each other and the respect shown within the families.

We came from a school that focused on the academics and it was refreshing to belong to a school which had more balance. My son Jamie went to PSS for Grade 4-6. At his previous school, he could not keep up with his classmates and he was feeling discouraged and stupid. He started losing his personality which is fun-loving, easy-going and caring of others. At PSS he had a chance to reclaim his true self and work at his own pace and level without feeling inferior. The multi-age learning along with the school philosophy was key to providing that safe and nurturing environment.

Also the small class size allows the program to adapt to each child's learning needs. Jamie was able to schedule a tutor during the day for extra support. The educators are specially chosen to fit with the school philosophy and they take the time to build a relationship with each child to ensure that child's needs are met. There is lots of informal discussion and input from the teacher, parent and child on a regular basis.

One of Jamie's strengths is his people skills and at PSS he had a chance to develop them to their full potential. His emotional maturity and communication skills are often noticed by others and will serve him well in life. He has a solid understanding of who he is and he has a well-developed sense of responsibility and awareness of himself, giving him the ability to succeed in whatever he does.

Intrinsic Learners and the Warm Community Environment

By Kerry Noon, CA (former student parent)

In addition to providing the necessary academic education for my daughters, Lifesong [now Pacific Spirit School] taught them to be intrinsic learners, who are aware of their place in the world, while they also learnt to problem solve and be empathetic to those around them. I continue to be surprised by their interpersonal skills, which as teenage girls, are really helping them to navigate, what can be a very difficult time. Personally I really appreciated the warm community environment. I have not experienced another like it in the city and look back fondly on the eight years my children attended. I found my skills as a parent, and a person were definitely enhanced from my involvement with these wonderful educators. I cannot recommend highly enough this community as a place where you cannot help but leave richer than you entered.