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The younger kids take the stage at the Science Fair to receive their accolades. Kindergarteners at the Mayan Celebration. School Plays: The Gift by the Youngers Sports Day: Words of encouragement for the younger boys

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Pacific Spirit School?
Pacific Spirit School is one of the best independent schools BC has to offer. Our low class size and integrated age groupings provide opportunities for educators to give children what they need, when they need it. Our unique approach to education is based on several key principles and our philosophy as expressed in our motto, "supporting the growth of the whole child". → More Info

What is an independent school?
The BC Ministry of Education says that independent schools offer parents an alternative to a public school education (provide educational choice for K-12 students in BC). They are independent from the public and private schools within BC in terms of funding and governance. However, private schools and independent schools are not the same. → More Info

How can I get more information about Pacific Spirit School?
Perhaps the best way to find out more about our school is to attend one of our many Open Houses where you'll get a chance to meet educators, children, parents and other interested parents and families. Or send an email to or leave a message at 604-222-1900 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What are Learning Styles?
Learning styles are people's preferred way of engaging in the learning process and manipulating information in preparation for and storage in memory. Learning styles also involve our preference for learning alone or in a group, reading, watching, solving a problem, playing a game or any number of other activities. An individual's learning style also has to do with how the person prefers to receive information - by listening, viewing pictures, walking around etc. → More Info

What are the implications of learning styles?
Understanding what learning style is and experimenting with lots of different styles may help children make a conscious choice or preference and arm them with strategies to use later in life when they engage in learning activities that are not being delivered in their preferred style. → More Info

What is holistic learning?
Learning is more effective when it deliberately involves all aspects of being human as opposed to just the intellect. The root concept is the notion of engaging the "whole" being or all human activity. While there may be others, perhaps the four most common aspects of being human are social, emotional, physical and cognitive. → More Info