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Home Learners

Registration and other information for parents of home learners.

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Home Learner Registration

Information for Parents of Home Learners

Children of school age must register with a school authority in the province of BC. We offer registration for your children as home learners. The New Learning Society (Responsible for Pacific Spirit School and Life Song School before it) has been registering home learners since 1993.

The independent registration option, negotiated between us, is:

  • The parents seek registration and complete independence and responsibility in the education/learning and curriculum for their children.
  • We provide registration and a reimbursement for educational materials.
Time Lines
  • September 15: Deadline to receive registrations for the school year.
  • December: We send out confirmation of registrations and cheques for reimbursement for educational materials ($130/student).
  • June: We send out registration forms for the following school year.

Home School Registration Form for New Families

To register please download and complete this form and send this and the required documents to

If you have any questions about home learner registration, please contact our registrar, Ingrid Price at