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Parent Education Program

The New Learning Society in partnership with The Virtual School Society presents the Parent Education Program

Note: The opinions expressed in these presentations are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect those of the New Learning Society or The Virtual School Society.

The Parent Education Program is an initiative of the New learning Society (NLS) which provides educational programs for children and adults that promote the growth of the whole person, with particular emphasis on an individual's independence, self-reliance and emotional well-being. It was developed to continue the efforts being made by the NLS's flagship program, Pacific Spirit School, to help children develop the foundations they need to live genuinely fulfilling lives. Research, experience, and wisdom tell us that this fulfillment grows out of a deep connection with oneself and others, based in compassion, respect, and curiosity. We nurture the development of this foundation and upon this we encourage children to follow their own curiosity about the world, guide them in discovering their own ways of learning, and support their natural pleasure and excitement in learning.

The basis of any educational program is learning. As a fundamental human process, learning involves the whole person, not just the intellect. Social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being human are also involved when an individual learns anything. In fact, the NLS strives to model for children our love of learning and how we relate to them, ourselves, and others. Solid in their relationships with themselves, others, and their own learning, children grow to become compassionate leaders, able to positively influence the world on whatever the path they choose to follow.

We also recognize the single, most important support a child will have in their educational lives is their parent (also includes guardians and caregivers). Aside from the obvious benefit that comes from encouragement, motivation and incentive, parents are in the best position to affect a child's learning achievement by supporting their learning style, emotional and other intelligences, freedom of choice, and other aspects of learning.

Therefore, in addition to providing a nurturing environment for children, the NLS has begun to develop a series of supports for parents. We created the Parent Education Program to give parents information and strategies to support their children's participation in learning activities as well as their educational achievement. It also helps parents better understand how their individual children learn so they can advocate for them in the school system. The Program is of interest to all parents including families who have chosen home-schooling for their children.

The Parent Education Program consists of a series of videos as well as articles on topics in which parents have expressed an interest. Due to the generous support of our current sponsor the Virtual School Society we are pleased to be able to provide these at no cost to you.