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The younger kids take the stage at the Science Fair to receive their accolades. Kindergarteners at the Mayan Celebration. School Plays: The Gift by the Youngers Sports Day: Words of encouragement for the younger boys

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Parent Education Program: Videos

This part of the Program is a series of video presentations by subject-matter experts.

Today's children exist in a world which requires "21st century skills" which include self-reliance & awareness, critical thinking & decision making and teamwork & collaboration.

These skills emphasize the importance of working both individually and collaboratively to succeed. The development of these skills is the shared responsibility of parents and educators.

Each presentation covers the key elements of one aspect of learning, development or engagement and gives practical suggestions for how parents can support their children.

Click on the presentation titles below to view the video.

A New Look at the Origins & Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder

Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Gabor Mate
Why an Early Start Leads to Long Term Gains

Dr. Clyde Hertzman - Director, Human Early Learning Partnership

Dr. Clyde Hertzman - Director, Human Early Learning Partnership
Emotional and Social Development

Dr. Geoffrey Carr

Dr. Geoffrey Carr
Brain Function and Learning

Dr. Ingrid Price

Dr. Ingrid Price
Personal Learning Style Preferences

Kerry Elfstrom

Kerry Elfstrom