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The younger kids take the stage at the Science Fair to receive their accolades. Kindergarteners at the Mayan Celebration. School Plays: The Gift by the Youngers Sports Day: Words of encouragement for the younger boys

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Parent Education Program: Articles

This part of the Program is a series of articles written by subject-matter experts that provide more detailed descriptions of the principles of learning and instruction that you can use to broaden your understanding of human learning and what educators do to enrich the learning experience for children and support their achievement. Many articles also give practical suggestions for how parents can support their children.

  • Learning Styles & Learning Style Inventory
    Although all humans follow the same general process when engaged in learning, it is understood that learning is unique to the individual. More importantly, everyone has their own style of learning.
  • Learning Styles Implications - Tips for Parents
    Since personal learning style is a subconscious habit that is activated automatically, it can be extremely helpful for any child engaging in learning activities to know their own learning style.
  • Independent Schools
    Independent schools are those that are not owned and operated by the province of BC, which are regulated by the Independent School Act. In BC, approximately 12 per cent of the province's K-12 student population is enrolled in independent schools.
  • Holistic Learning
    As a fundamental human process, learning involves the whole person, not just the intellect. Social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual aspects of being human are also involved when an individual learns anything.