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Executive Director New Learning Society

Job Posted: June 15, 2015
Closing Date: June 30, 2015 (in 15 days)
Type: Part-Time (10 hours/week)
Compensation: Commensurate with qualifications within the limits of the Society budget
Region: Vancouver & Lower Mainland
Location: Vancouver

Part-Time Position

The New Learning Society (NLS) is a not-for-profit organization registered under the Society Act of British Columbia. It is a Canadian registered charity whose Mission is to provide educational programs for children and adults that promote the growth of the whole person, with particular emphasis on community and individual well-being. Our Vision is to become recognized as an organization that supports parents in their childrearing, provides an environment in which children thrive in all aspects of their development, and nurtures a sense of community. The NLS?s flagship program is the independent school, Pacific Spirit School.

The NLS is seeking an experienced, dynamic and well-rounded individual who has demonstrated effective leadership and possesses a keen understanding of the not-for-profit sector and BC?s education system. The candidate is highly organized, an effective communicator, has good judgment and is able to establish and maintain positive working relationships with members, clients, partners and the general public.

Position Summary

The Executive Director is responsible for the administration, management, and operation of the NLS, ensuring that it achieves its goals. The Executive Director is one of two individuals comprising an ED Group on the NLS Board of Directors; the other is Pacific Spirit Schoolís Principal. The ED Group, reporting and accountable to the Board, is the sole employee of the NLS. The Executive Director supports the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities, provides advice, implements and reports Board directions, ensuring that operations are consistent with Board policies, and seeks Board approval where required.

More specifically, the Executive Director, working in liaison with the Pacific Spirit School Principal:

  • Directs the financial, physical, human resources, and communications activities of the NLS to deliver programs in an efficient and effective manner; and, specifically
    • Provides financial oversight including the preparation, review and administration of an annual budget and the review and updating of financial policies and procedures as necessary to align with generally accepted accounting procedures, the NLS mission, and ethical principles and core values of the NLS.
    • Ensures smooth and efficient facility operations at Pacific Spirit School.
    • Develops and implements targeted and integrated communications activities.
    • Hires and manages administrative staff as required.
  • Liaises with agencies and partners that may assist in the attainment of the NLSís Ends and program delivery.
  • Ensures a high standard of care and service for clients, in compliance with Board policies, agreements, and relevant legislation and standards.
  • As a member of the Board, provides regular information on progress with respect to Board Ends, financial plans and budgets, and other business activities of interest to the Board.
  • Acts as the official spokesperson for the NLS and its programs.

A position description describing details of the Executive Director role, authority, and responsibilities is available on request.

Required Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A masterís degree in business administration supplemented by progressive experience in a senior management capacity, or equivalent.
  • Working knowledge of budgeting, reporting and other aspects of implementation and oversight.
  • 5 years working in the education sector, preferably within the primary and elementary level.
  • Substantial experience working in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors that follows a policy governance mode of operation would be an asset.
  • A strong working knowledge of BCís education system, and the differences in approach between public and private institutions would be an asset.

The ED works independently from a home office but is also expected to perform some job-related duties at the Pacific Spirit School office in Vancouver, BC. Attendance at meetings and events at the school and at partner locations, some of which may be in early morning or evening, is also required from time to time.

An equivalent combination of education, experience and skills will be considered.


Please submit a detailed cover letter (including desired salary), 3 work-related references, and a current resume demonstrating how your previous experience and education relates to the position to:

The Chair, New Learning Society
Subject line: ED Position

Note: Only those interviewed will receive a response. No telephone calls, please.

Hello everyone,

With both regret and great appreciation for her many contributions, Iím writing this email to announce that Ingrid Price will be vacating her position as Executive Director (ED) of Pacific Spirit School in the Fall. Ingrid is a former Pacific Spirit School parent (her two sons both attended the school), and she has been tirelessly growing the school on top of her UBC job since 2008. For example, when she started as ED, Pacific Spirit had 17 students; it now has 45! Now that the school is so successful (and still growing!), Ingrid has decided it is time to return to working a single job in order to have more time with her family. In addition, as the school grows, we increasingly need more time from our leadership team, and itís very hard to balance the administration needs of a busy, growing school with a full-time job and family!

The Board is therefore in the process of searching for a new Executive Director to take over for Ingrid. Thus, please help us find a new ďIngridĒ (not that we can ever replace her!) by forwarding the attached job posting for a part-time ED (which closes June 30) to anyone you feel would be interested and qualified. Since the ED position involves sensitive school information and decision-making, it isnít possible for a current parent to fill the role, due to conflict of interest.

Ingrid will of course continue through the summer and as needed to train and mentor the new ED. Please join me in expressing deep and sincere gratitude to Ingrid, who has been absolutely central to the schoolís success. We (the school) have been a big part of her life for 13 years, in her roles as first a school parent and then as ED, but she has helped transform the lives of many children, through ensuring the health and growth of this very special school.


Gretchen Quiring
(New Learning Society Board Chair)