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The younger kids take the stage at the Science Fair to receive their accolades. Kindergarteners at the Mayan Celebration. School Plays: The Gift by the Youngers Sports Day: Words of encouragement for the younger boys

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Pacific Spirit School would like to thank all of its past and present Volunteers.

Parent Jobs

In keeping with our community approach to education, each family is required to take responsibility for at least one parent job. Please read through the following job descriptions to identify which job your family would like to take. If there are any additional jobs not listed here that you feel would support the school, you are welcome to discuss these with Heidi or Ingrid. Finally, while the descriptions below are considered required activities within that job we always welcome additional support related to any of these jobs.

Currents Jobs:
  • Library: involves re-shelving and organizing books on a regular basis
  • Recycling: involves ensuring that recycling containers are available and emptied on a regular basis
  • Beatification: involves helping to keep the space tidy and adding little touches to improve the environment
  • Technical Support: involves providing computer support to the educators and school administrators
  • Celebrations (> 1 person): involves planning and preparing for school celebrations (e.g., summer and winter solstice celebrations)
  • Store Room Maintainence: involves tidying the store room on a regular basis
  • Art Displays and Filing: involves
  • Library: involves displaying children’s art work around the school and filing art work into individual portfolios on a regular basis
  • Sports Day (>1 person): involves planning and running our sports day
  • Garden: involves tending to our school garden
  • First Aide: involves ensuring that our first aide kits are appropriately stocked
  • Shopper: involves purchasing supplies for the school
  • Handy Person: involves repairing and building needed items for the school
  • Emergency Preparedness: involves ensuring that emergency preparedness kits are appropriately stocked
  • Camping: involves organizing our annual school camping trip in June (in collaboration with relevant educators)
  • Board Member: involves board meetings (scheduled approximately every 2 months)
  • Science Fair: involves planning and providing support for our annual Spring Science Fair

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering at the school.